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Scans from all D-Boys!!
~Community for sharing D-BOYS scans!!~
29th-Nov-2008 01:38 pm(no subject)
Junon scans Dec 08

here at jellyinafish

Sho stars
Sales Post! Everything Must go! Most Prices Negotiable!

Japanese/English Manga, PoT DJs, JE , Minekura works, D-Boys, Death Note, CeniPuri!

Pictures inside!

Everything must Go!Collapse )
5th-May-2008 01:15 am - Junon June 2008 scans
khr - hibari

More here

sorry about the x-posting -_-
9th-Jan-2008 09:17 pm - Cast Prix Premium Winter Scans
SOTD: Scream
I haven't seen this around so I scanned and upload my copy of the magazine.

(click @ pic :D)

It features Nakamura, Yanagi, Zukki, Araki, Seto and Tomo.

x-posted, sorry "^^.
12th-Oct-2007 12:34 am - New Layout~!! ♥
Hey guys~ I'm your friendly inactive XD moderator, although you're probably unaware of it because I haven't shown myself up until now.

Anyway, the layout community has just changed and I just thought I'd inform you. We'd like to hear what everyone thinks, so check it out! :3
23rd-Sep-2007 02:06 pm - Icon sharing
@ jidohambaiki :D X-Posted.
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6th-Aug-2007 11:18 pm - D-pic bare..!
A mouse click away from sweet paradise, D-BOYS style!
Who said to much flesh was bad for the soul. =].

Viewers discretion*smack*
6th-Aug-2007 01:32 pm - layout contest ~ results
Now, after two weeks voting I have the results and our winner. ^^
I'll make the layout in the next few days and then we have our new community-look!! ^^

Thanks to all, who had vote~!!

23rd-Jul-2007 06:27 pm - MOD post ~ layout contest

Hi to all member of 


I think, now it's time to create a layout for our communtiy. ^^

And you decide!! I'll give you two weeks~ contest ends on monday (2007/06/08) evening. Please comment with the number of your favourite layout!! How it would look like, see one version at my journal. The background of the complete journal will be create, when the contest is over, 'cause I need the colours of your decided layout! ^^ 
You can vote for every layout, but only once at time!! ^^

For all, who want create a layout for our community, too, please follow the favours behind the cut and post the picture-link in a comment. 


Please vote for our community's layout~!!

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